Incipio Group

The Prince, West Brompton Crossing

One Street, 2 Bars, 800 seats, Music, Food, Drinks, Four Restaurants and an Enclosed Woodland Pergola Garden.

OPENS November 15th 2017

Our story starts with our rejuvenated Victorian boozer, The old Prince of Wales pub has been lovingly restored – think low-hanging brass lights, marble table tops and oak flooring, the pub offers a sanctuary of snugness during cold winter days. We’ve also given a new lease of life to the four run-down buildings next-door, handing them over to some of London’s top independent eateries.

If you delve a little deeper into the darkest recesses of these neighbouring, unassuming old buildings, through quiet corners and unmarked doors, and you’ll discover a magical woodland world of twisting paths and secret cabins……Here lies the hidden beauty of The Prince.

Come party, eat, drink, dance, laugh, chat and be merry! The Prince really is an experience like no other.

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