The Londonist: Where To Eat In London When The Street Food Markets Close

Who doesn't love a street food market? It's a great way to check out the newest talent on the foodie scene and those who haven't got their own brick and mortar joint (yet). However, now the summer is well and truly over, we have felt the bitter chills of winter not only in our bones but in our stomachs, as some of our favourite street food markets cease to exist. But fear not, we've put together a list of alternative restaurants to check out in the same areas - in place of some of your favourite street food joints. Dig in!

We know, we know. Little Feast is returning for its Christmas opening. But it's still a long time for us to wait... and it's only open for a little over a month. More than enough reason to find some back up options, right?

If it's Brazilian BBQ you're after, in the style of Bull & Rancher, why not try the churrascaria Cabana, which sits within the Westfield Centre. Also within the shopping centre is Balans Soho Society, whose arancini and croquettes may make a perfect substitute to the Nanny Bill's offering that you'll be missing out on whilst Little Feast is closed.

If it's their chicken burgers that you are after, or any one of the pimped-up offerings from Cheeky Burger, perhaps Gourmet Burger Kitchen is your best bet, provided you don't mind setting foot in a chain restaurant.

Street food favourites Claw are also set to appear at Little Feast over Christmas, but if you can't wait to get your hands on some crab, head to Geales in Notting Hill, who not only boast about doing the best fish and chips in London (debatable) but also offer a great selection of fresh seafood.

For steamed buns like the ones served at Le Bao, it's a little bit of a trek to find decent ones, we're afraid. However if you do make it all the way to Paddington, the BBQ pork belly steamed buns by Kurobuta are worth the effort.

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