Cattitude & Co: Pergola on the Roof takes over the top of Television Centre

Last weekend, I had lunch on a rooftop! It was great; there was gorgeous art everywhere, plenty of food choice and as well as a great atmosphere. Where was this you ask? Pergola On The Roof, a rooftop which was formerly home to the BBC staff car park.

You may be know the  Television Centre as the headquarters of the BBC, but it’ll soon be transformed into modern apartments, restaurants and will even feature a hotel. Until then, the iconic White City space is home to Pergola On The Roof. A glorious new pop-up food and drinks court, which I think will be the one of the best places to visit this Summer.

Despite the unfortunate weather, we still managed to have a fabulous day out. From the moment you walk in, you’re treated to some amazing hand-painted artwork. It definitely made walking up several flights of stairs easier! I definitely recommend taking the stairs; we kept stopping to study the truly stunning features, which covers the entire wall. It’s seriously impressive and definitely helps build anticipation. You can see more of this over on my Instagram page.

The beauty doesn’t stop there though. If Summer was a destination, “The Jungle” would be it. There’s gorgeous plants everywhere you look (and I mean everywhere), lots of outdoor furniture and a vibrant atmosphere no matter where you sit.

The set-up is great; the bar is in the middle and the food stalls are scattered around. There’s a lot of seating available, but I recommend reserving a table if you’re going in a big group. Pergola On The Roof is stunning, welcoming and cosy, and perhaps most importantly of all, you don’t even feel like you’re on a rooftop.

The impressive pop-up features Salt Yard’s charcuterie bar, Patty and Bun, Le Coq and Rabbit’s signature foraged small plates. The choice is varied if you don’t have any dietary requirements, I only saw one vegetarian option that I liked. The place is self-service which is good if you’re in a big group, you’re under no obligation to all eat from the same place.

Since the place is so close to Westfield, we thought it’d be rude not to have a quick look. I went home with one of Urban Decay’s ‘Vice’ palettes. Although we only went for a spot of lunch, you could easily spend an entire day at on the roof.

Overall, I was really impressed by Pergola On The roof. There’s not a lot you can do with pop-ups and they’ve been really creative with the space. On the way up to the main event, they have these enormous sofas out in the open. They were covered up when we went due to the weather, so I’ll definitely be heading back this Summer.

Pergola on the Roof is at the Television Centre till 29th August, sign up to their mailing list and get a free drink on arrival!

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