Incipio Group


Mutatio est Bonum – Change is Good

Incipio Group, created in 2014, is a company that specialises in creating new, dynamic and exciting consumer locations and venues, specifically focused around food and drink and lifestyles sector. Our talents lie in taking unused or temporarily dormant spaces and turning them into lifestyle concepts with a difference for the consumer audience.


Our message is that ‘Change is Good’ – our concepts are chameleonic, changing frequently to keep the experience fresh and unique. No space stays the same for more than a few months a time. The theme, restaurants and locations get given a revamp, keeping the projects dynamic and current.


We work with developers and landlords who might be in the planning phase or in the midst of building new mixed use developments, or have an existing site/location that they want to create interest in. We then get visitors through the doors and build interest in the said area, in effect acting as a pre-marketing tool to publicise the project before it goes live and ultimately helping raise awareness of the development.